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Haas Heating & Cooling can assist you with any heating-related service you need in the Massillon area. Our family owned company is dedicated to providing outstanding service whether you simply need a quick furnace repair or a complete hot water tank replacement. There is no HVAC job we can’t handle, and we provide both commercial and residential service. Learn more about what we offer in terms of heating services below, and contact us to schedule an appointment. We also offer 24/7 emergency care should you need it.

Our Heating Contractors

Our heating contractors are highly experienced and knowledgeable, which enables them to provide you with excellent service. We can troubleshoot problems, install new equipment, and provide regular maintenance to help keep your units running properly. If you are having problems with your furnace or your hot water heater is in need of replacement, get in touch with us today.

Fix or replace?

Our knowledgeable team of professional HVAC contractors can help you evaluate whether you should repair or replace your furnace. Let us come out and give you a free estimate! Once we take a look at your current system and pinpoint any issues you are having, we’ll be able to give you some factors to consider based on what we find.

Typically, if you have a newer system that hasn’t had many issues, we’ll suggest a repair as a more economical way to address the situation. If your furnace is still under warranty, or if it’s only having a minor problem, a repair also makes the most sense.

Reasons to replace a unit include age, and frequent issues with the furnace. It may also make sense to switch units if the newer furnace can save you a bundle on energy costs. We won’t push you one way or the other, but we’ll be happy to weigh in on the situation to give you an honest opinion when needed.

Help for emergencies 24/7

Call us any time if you are experiencing a heat-related emergency.

Emergency Heating Services

Haas Heating & Cooling is here to help you if you need it – any time of the day or night. Our experienced crews will come and get your heat running on a cold winter’s night, or swap out that water heater that finally gave up after all those years. We are able to work on all makes and models of equipment and we have parts for any problem you may be having. Call us any time you need us!

Furnace Installation

If you are interested in a brand new furnace, Haas Heating & Cooling can do the installation for you. We are able to swap out one unit for another, or put one into a new build project, depending on what you need.

Our expert HVAC contractors can install all of the following equipment:

  1. Gas furnaces
  2. Heat pumps
  3. Hot water heaters
  4. Ductless split systems
  5. Our company believes in using high quality brands for better performance. We can work with any unit, but we typically recommend Reznor, Bard, Mitsubishi, and Armstrong Air.

Fast, friendly service!

When you need help with your heating equipment, we’ll make sure things get done quickly!

The installation process


Haas Heating & Cooling is here to help you if you need it – any time of the day or night. Our experienced crews will come and get your heat running on a cold winter’s night, or swap out that water heater that finally gave up after all those years. We are able to work on all makes and models of equipment and we have parts for any problem you may be having. Call us any time you need us!


Regular furnace installations take about one day to complete, and during that time you will be without heat. Our team will arrive promptly at the scheduled time, and bring any equipment needed to perform the work, including the unit itself. You don’t need to do anything except let us in!


Once the installation itself is finished, our crew will take some time to acquaint you with your new system. We’ll show you how it works, explain any details you may need to know, and give you some suggestions in terms of what to do for regular maintenance. You’ll also have the option to schedule professional maintenance throughout the year to make sure your unit is functioning at maximum capacity.


We’ll answer any questions you may have before we go, and make sure everything is as neat and tidy as when we arrived.

Why choose our heating company?

At Haas Heating & Cooling we have always put the customer first, and we have developed a great reputation for honest, fairly priced service in the Massillon area. Not only do we have the experience to make sure the job is done right the first time, we will also work with you to make sure your equipment will function well when we leave. We are always pleased to discuss ongoing maintenance and other things you can do to extend the life of your heating system.

Our contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we will stand behind the work we do for you. We also provide free estimates.

Maintaining your furnace

Regular maintenance is probably the most important thing you can do to make sure your heating equipment and hot water heater both continue to function properly. At Haas Heating & Cooling we can recommend a maintenance schedule based on the type of units you have, and we’ll come out and do the work for you as well.

Simple things, such as changing out filters and flushing your hot water tank periodically can help prevent expensive repairs or early replacement down the line. Contact us today to learn more.

Get your free estimate today!

We offer free estimates for all your heating needs – no strings attached! Contact us today.

Why our maintenance agreement makes sense

Haas Heating & Cooling offers an annual maintenance agreement that covers all the basics so you can let us worry about how your heating equipment is doing. Take the stress out of it by letting a professional look at everything and make sure it’s working the way it should.

Our crew will help you with the following when they come out for the yearly check in:

  1. A filter check. We will take a look at your furnace’s air filter and replace it if needed. Dirty air filters have a negative impact on furnace performance, and they also affect air quality.
  2. Safety inspection. We’ll test for carbon dioxide levels to make sure your furnace is operating within safe parameters.
  3. Parts and systems inspection. We will investigate and evaluate any potential problem areas that could cause issues down the line and make any recommendations for service.

The main reason to consider our annual maintenance service is the future cost savings. Regular inspections can:

  1. Catch problems early when repairs are affordable and less involved.
  2. Keep your system running smoothly, extending the lifespan of equipment overall.
  3. Uncover any major problems that may cause a serious problem in the upcoming season. This means if a large-scale repair or replacement is needed, it can be done prior to the winter season when you need the unit to function properly. Although we do offer emergency repair service, it is more costly than a regular repair.
  4. Contact us today to learn more about our annual maintenance package. We’ll be glad to give you all the details and sign you up for savings!


Hot water heater installation

We install hot water heaters, both in new construction and replacement situations. Haas Heating & Cooling works with Rheem as our brand of choice, and we handle all installation work quickly and efficiently. We can handle all of the following hot water heater unit types:

  1. Gas heated models
  2. Electric heated models
  3. Tankless models

If your hot water heater has failed, we do emergency replacement work. Just give us a call and we’ll get someone right out to you to help address the situation and get you connected with a new unit.

Air quality help

We can help you improve the air quality in your home! Visit our Air Quality page to learn more.

Factors to consider for hot water heater replacement

So how can you tell if your hot water heater is in need of replacement? While there are no hard and fast rules, there are some things to keep in mind that add up to a possible failure situation. Nobody wants to be in the position of having water all over the place from a rusted out tank, or a leaky old connection. You may want to get an estimate for a new tank installation if:

  1. You are hearing noises from the tank. This is one of the biggest signs of hot water heater issues, and shouldn’t be ignored. If your tank is making banging noises, definitely consider replacement.
  2. You see any water near the tank. Standing water near a hot water heater can mean a failure is going to happen soon. It can mean the bottom is rusting out, or it may mean there are small leaks in the tank that will become larger over time.
  3. Trouble with getting hot water. If you are taking showers and can’t get the water hot, or you run the kitchen faucet and it’s only getting lukewarm, it may mean the hot water tank is going.
  4. If you are experiencing any of the signs above, especially if your hot water heater is 8 years old or older, you’ll probably want to think about getting a new unit.

Why try tankless?

Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular, and with good reason. There are some standout factors that make these models more desirable than their hot water heater counterparts. These include:

  1. Longer life. Properly maintained tankless units can last for a long time – up to 20 years in many cases.
  2. Better efficiency, lower energy costs. Although you’ll pay more initially for a tankless unit, the high efficiency will put money back in your pocket over time.
  3. Smaller footprint. These units are not as large as hot water heaters, and they can be wall mounted, saving space.
  4. On-demand hot water. Tankless units don’t heat water until you need it, and then can keep it hot for a long time. There are no tanks to keep hot water in, so no energy is expended until you call for hot water.

Tankless hot water heaters can be a great solution for many homeowners or business owners, but they aren’t perfect for every application. The team at Haas Heating & Cooling will be glad to help you evaluate if this type of unit would be right for your building. Contact us today to learn more.

We handle repair, replacement, and maintenance work for all makes & models.

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